From the HRA Journal Issue 236,
July 16, 2015

Right now it looks like Greece will be resolved though I think it’s destined for a fourth bailout which won’t be completed.  Hope I’m wrong about that but the debt mountain is getting to be un-scalable and the damage to its banking system worsens hourly.

Chinese markets look like they will get a reprieve either though volatility is so high in that market its dangerous to read much into one and two day moves.  

Remain Calm and Move Quietly Towards the Exit:

From the HRA Journal Issue 238-239,
September 15, 2015

I did a lot of agonizing about this month’s main editorial and, truth to tell, I’m still partially on the fence about the market’s major direction.  I think the odds of a drop of bear market (20% plus) proportions is very high right now, I’m just not sure how fast it will happen.


A Cold Wind from the East:

From the HRA Journal Issue 237,
August 17, 2015

Well, that wasn’t fun.  Gold plunged through $1140 and toyed with $1080 for three weeks before making a small comeback.  You can make a case the drop and the reaction to it being the “capitulation event” we’ve been waiting for but I’m not totally sold on that.   I still want to see that first Fed rate hike next month which  I think is more likely to mark a bottom though the longer gold holds above $1100 the stronger the case for the last plunge being “it”.



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