A Fork in the Road?:

From the HRA Journal Issue 240,
October 4, 2015

Oy, that Coffin!  More indecision?  ‘Fraid so.  I still see a bear market confirmed before year end as the likely scenario. But, as of a couple of days ago there is a new storyline in town.  This new one involves the Fed throwing up its hands and giving up on the idea of raising interest rates.  That’s not what Fed governors are saying but it’s what an increasing number of traders believe.



Janet's Kool-Aid Stand:

From the HRA Journal Issue 242,
November 10, 2015

It’s all good.  Just ask Janet Yellen or any hawkish Federal Reserve board member.  Indeed, there have been some better readings on the US economy lately but things are far from outstanding. 

Plenty of equity traders suddenly expect new highs on the major markets any day now.  The bond market is pricing in 70%+ probability of a December rate hike. 



Bad News Is Good News. For Now.:

From the HRA Journal Issue 241,
October 21, 2015

Since the last issue the “optimistic scenario” has been the clear winner.  Traders continue to expect the Fed to hold off.  That has been enough to keep NY trending higher though the trajectory is flattening out.  Economic readings haven’t improved.  It will take plenty of upside surprises though earning season to keep the trend alive.



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