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The HRA Journal provides you with in-depth analysis of companies on the HRA Journal list. Each issue also contains editorial coverage of the equities and commodities markets and coverage updates of currently followed companies. 22 issues minimum per year.

Any publication can point to a couple of stocks that went up and say “we mentioned that” and claim it for their own. That’s not what we’re about. When we start following a company, we tell you WHY we think it can be a big win, WHAT it needs to make it and HOW it will get there. Just as important, we follow up with updates as things progress. We don’t just mention a couple of hundred names and then arm wave about a few that go up.

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Vizsla Resources Interviews with Eric Coffin

Watch my latest video interview with a new HRA listed company, Vizsla Resources (VZLA: TSX-V). 2020 could be an exciting year for this up and coming silver-gold junior in Mexico. Find out more from Michael Konnert, Vizsla's President & CEO. (November 2019)

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HRA is great at getting the "real" story out on resource companies by doing their due diligence and keeping on top of maps, news releases and corporate development. I highly recommend HRA...to any investor whether it be an institutional client or private investor.